Facilities Management

AFES offers effective management of the system processes and practices of all technical, mechanical, electrical, civil, structural and architectural engineering facilities, within the building.

It operates at an optimum cost and efficiency, without compromising on safety and quality.

Facilities Engineering Maintenance
(Hard Services)

AFES will collaborate with building owners to identify all the necessary maintenance works need to be done and keep the systems and equipment operating smoothly, as well as taking care of buildings and properties management. At AFES, we have the competency to execute all the maintenance work to ensure comfortable workplace for buildings’ users. Among the types of maintenance work, are

Civil & Structural

AFES will be dealing with the maintenance of the physical and naturally built environment.

  • Plumbing
  • Flooring
  • Wall
  • Drainage
  • Roof
  • Electrical

    AFES specialised in work-related construction primarily on the installation, and maintenance of electrical systems.

  • Wiring
  • Lighting system
  • CCTV system
  • Power distribution
  • Generators
  • Mechanical and Electrical System & Installation

    A set of structures and components that make up the structure of the internal systems to improve the living standards of and comfort.

  • Vertical & Horizontal transportation
  • HVAC
  • Water pumps
  • Fire Fighting System

    AFES provides a system of equipment used to prevent, extinguish, localise, or block fires in enclosed spaces. Automatic fire-fighting systems are install in buildings and rooms where the fire hazard is comparatively high.

  • Alarm
  • Static & dynamic system
  • Automatic sprinkler system
  • Wet & dry system
  • Infrastructure Maintenance (Soft Services)

    Cleaning & Housekeeping Services

    At AFES we put high standards on cleaning & hygiene performance. To ensure we exceed customer’s expectation, our cleaners are rebranded & reimagined as ENVIROTECH. For all the properties under our care, AFES implements strict cleaning and housekeeping parameter as follows:

  • All ENVIROTECH to be fully competent and qualified to do the job
  • All ENVIROTECH to be properly equipped before mobilisation
  • Usage of state- of-the-art tools and equipment
  • Green or ECO range of cleaning products
  • Waste Management & Recovery Services

    The aim is to reduce the amount of waste generated, thereby reducing the need for landfill space, and optimising the values created from waste

  • Solid waste collection and transportation
  • FREE bulky waste collection at dedicated segregation area
  • FREE 3R bins for waste segregation
  • Cleaning of refuse chamber
  • Collection of recyclable material under AFES 3R on Wheels’ program
  • 3R awareness campaign
  • Pest Control

    AFES professional pest management services covers:

  • Storage Pest - Weevils, beetle, ants, mosquito and etc
  • Residue Spraying for General Pest Control
  • ULV Misting
  • Thermal Fogging
  • Larviciding
  • Landscaping & Ground Care Services

    As to ensure AFES' service quality maintained at all level and time, we employed experienced landscape architects and horticulturists. We also handpicked the best type of plants from well-known nurseries and florists, as our best practices. All related garden and ground services such as grass cutting, fishpond cleaning, plants watering and area lighting, are provided.

    Parking & Traffic Management

    AFES provides service on planning, control and reduce the number of parking spaces required in a particular situation, providing a variety of economic, social and environmental benefits.

    Technology Implementation

    Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS) – web based

    All AFES integrated facility management services are monitored and being maintained via CMMS

    Surveillance system

    AFES managing and handle on security behaviour, activities, or information for the purpose of influencing, managing or directing. All building will be equipped with CCTV surveillance system and to be monitored via AFES Command Centre located at our HQ in Shah Alam.

    Waste treatment (anaerobic digester)

    Anaerobic digestion is the process by which organic matter such as food waste is broken down to produce biogas and bio fertiliser. In AFES, biogas turned to electricity for building usage

    Building Management System (BMS)

    AFES offers property owners building management system (BMS), otherwise known as ‘BUILDING AUTOMATION SYSTEM’ (BAS), that controls and monitors the building's mechanical and electrical equipment such as ventilation, lighting, power systems, fire systems, and security systems. Integration of BMS & CMMS will ensure building longevity and improved building performance.

    LED Lighting

    Conversion of street & parameter lightings to SOLAR POWERED RECHARGEBLE BATERY which powers LED lamp during the night.

    Rain water harvesting

    In line with our sustainability goals, at AFES we offer rain water harvesting programme for the benefit of our clients and environment.

    Environmental Sustainability

    Security, Safety and Crisis Management

    AFES will manage the site to minimise harm and prevent injuries or fatalities to AFES staff and customer.

    Environment Quality Assessment

    To minimise or avoid adverse environmental effects before they occur; and. incorporate environmental factors into decision-making

    Project Management

    A standard procedures of initiation, planning, execution, regulation and closure as well as the guidance of the project team’s operations towards achieving all the agreed upon goals within the set scope, time, quality and budget standards

    Workspace Management

    Workplace management is the oversight and optimisation of the physical environment in an office

    Building Facility Condition Assessment (Audit)

    Evaluates the condition of a facility's envelope performance, structural foundation and superstructure, and mechanical systems, including heating and cooling

    CapEx to OpEx

    As operational expenses make up the bulk of a company's regular costs, management typically looks for ways to reduce operating expenses without causing a significant drop in quality or production output. Hence AFES provides such service to lighten customers burden on big capital incurred

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