Recovery Initiative Sustainable Eco Facility

RISE@KL lead the way in Recovery & Recycling municipal solid waste to
implement Circular Economy model and commit to Sustainability.

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Recovery Initiative Sustainable Eco-Facility (RISE) Kuala Lumpur is designed based on semi-automated process to accept recyclable materials that have been separated at the source from municipal solid waste generated either from single stream or dual stream sources.

Recyclable materials are sorted to specifications, then baled and shredded for marketing to end-user manufacturers and reprocess into new products.


Waste Management Facility

To develop an integrated Dry/Clean Materials Recovery Facility (“MRF”) for Klang Valley


To operate as Drop-of-Point (“DOP”) for SAS materials collected in Kuala Lumpur for Alam Flora Sdn Bhd

Recycling Discovery Hub

To become a completely organised one stop recycling facility and Education Hub for Business and Community

Recovery & Recycling

To increase recycling rate for Klang Valley and to accelerate Recovery & Recycling business velocity

Landfill Waste Reduction

To reduce waste sent to the landfill

Practicing Circular Economy

To implement circular economy model and commit to SDGs in parallel with mission towards Low Carbon City’s goal

RISE@KL at a Glance​

RISE@KL at a Glance​

RISE@KL at a Glance​


What Items Can Be Recycled?

Believe it or not, not all items can be recycled. Click button below to know
more what can be recycled at RISE@KL.

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Take a look at our amazing RISE@KL facilities! Grab the opportunity to visit the FIRST recycling education centre in Kuala Lumpur.

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